Waiver pickups for Week 14

We’re heading into the stretch run.  This is where the savvy owner makes the last minute pickup to either solidify their playoff push or take advantage of bye week matchups heading into the playoffs.  Some interesting names have emerged:

Derek Lee (CHI) – Chicago has been looking for a second receiver to take the pressure off of Reggie Gray.  They may have landed a better one in Baby Moss, who finally played and finished with 8 catches for 98 yards and 2 TDs.  Grab him if you have a high waiver pick…

Tod Devoe (KC) – 8 for 103 yds, TD — Devoe is now the hot receiver in the Brigade offense (Steve Savoy, Aaron Hosack, Bret Smith and Brad Chavez have all had their turns).  Pick him up and play him next week.  Just don’t be surprised when he falls off the face of the earth. Continue reading


AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 11 WR Rankings

1. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: The legend in Utah is only growing bigger and bigger. 130+ yards and 4 TDs and some good home cooking can be expected.
2. P.J. Berry, WR New Orleans
3. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona: No Voodoo magic will keep this guy‟s production down this week
4. Maurice Purify, WR Georgia: Should have no problems poking the Sharks in the eyes and having a most productive day!
5. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago: Chicago‟s lone star through the air. 130+ yards and 3 TDs. Book it! Continue reading


AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 10 WR Rankings

Short and sweet this week folks.  Good luck to all in week 10.

1. Aaron Boone, WR, Utah
2. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa:
3. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona:
4. PJ Berry, WR New Orleans:
5. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago
6. Maurice Purify, WR Georgia
7. Ben Nelson, WR San Jose:
8. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville
9. Todd Blythe, WR Iowa
10. TT Toliver, WR Orlando Continue reading


Waiver Ideas for Week 10

It’s slim pickings as the season progresses.  Did you move on some of the suggestions in the past few weeks?  If you didn’t, you may have already missed out on some of the guys on this list…

Amari Jackson (TAM) – 10 for 146, 2 TDs — With Hank Edwards on injured reserve, Jackson will get his chance to shine.  Took full advantage last week.  Kansas City won’t be able to stop him.

Otis Amey (SJ) – Did you miss out?  Amey led the Sabercats with 6 catches for 109 yards and 2 TDs.  Wait until he gets into shape.

Ben Nelson (SJ) – Nelson came back too and chipped in 6 catches for 82 yards and 2 TDs.  Wait until HE gets into shape. Continue reading


AFL Guru’s Week 9 QB Rankings

1. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
2. Tommy Grady, QB Utah
3. JJ Raterink, QB Kansas City
4. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
5. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane
6. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
7. Mark Grieb, QB San Jose
8. Russ Michna, QB Chicago

Continue reading


AFL Fantasy Guru’s Top 50 WRs for Week 9

It’s time for the Week 9 Edition of WR Rankings.  In thi edition, pay attention to the players like San Jose WR Chido Nwakocha, Philadelphia WR Keith Stokes, and Orlando WR Josh Bush who are all skyrocketing up the charts, while players like Philadelphia WR Donovan Morgan, Kansas City Steve Savoy, and GA WR Larry Shipp Jr. are causing owners some serious heartburn!  On with the Week 9 Rankings:

1. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona: Receiving and Yardage monster. And the TDs are nice too!
2. PJ Berry, WR New Orleans: Juicy Matchup for PJ and the Voodoo
3. Bobby Sippio, WR Orlando
4. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville: Soul will have a hard time containing JHarv Continue reading


Waiver ideas for Week 9

Syvelle Newton (PHIL) – 4 for 85, 3 TDs — I’d like to see the catches improve but he could be useful and has been finding the end zone

Dan Raudabaugh (DAL) 29/35, 377 yards, 7 TDs — got a Qb on bye?  Give Raudabaugh a chance against an Iowa squad that lets up points Continue reading


AFL Guru’s Week 8 QB Rankings

Keep an eye on Pittsburgh’s Anthony Morelli, Philadelphia’s Ryan Vena, and Tulsa’s Matt Bassuener.  They are great bye-week fill-ins and need to be on all rosters at this point due to their rushing ability.

1. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
2. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
3. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
4. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane Continue reading


Fantasy Guru’s Top 50 WRs for week 8

With a quick glance, you will see players like Tulsa WR Troy McBroom, Spokane WR Shaun Kauleinamoku, and Jomo Wilson sky rocketing up the charts.  Be sure to have your Arizona, Spokane, Orlando, and Jacksonville players in your lineups and they all have high-scoring games waiting for them.  Good luck to all in week 8!

1. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona
2. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia
3. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa
4. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona
5. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville Continue reading


Waiver ideas for Week 7

Mykel Benson (MILW) 6 rushes, 18 yards, 2 TDs — The Mustangs are completely unpredictable but if you need FB help this may be a stopgap measure

Ryan Vena (PHIL) 18/33, 225 yards, 4 TDs, 2 rushing TDs – I’m thrilled that the Soul keep losing.  Vena is producing from a fantasy perspective and should be on a roster.

Grant Gregory (TAMPA) 23/29, 211 yards, 6 TDs — Did you really think the Storm would be THAT bad all season long?  Gregory looks like he’ll produce some nice games…

Syvelle Newton (PHIL) 7 for 105, 2 TDs — someone’s gotta catch them in Philly, since Donovan Morgan doesn’t seem to wanna be consistent. Continue reading