Visualizing the Stats – Preseason QBs

A table of stats is just a jumble of little black marks strewn upon the cracks in a jailhouse floor until the conductor arrives to make them to sing. The QB chart of last year’s top twenty QBs helps eliminate the clutter. From the chart you can see that QBs fit roughly into three tiers that you would be well to remember on draft day. Despite the great difference in team performance, the following QBs are all basically top tier:


Of course Greisen has gone on to greener pastures (unless he is locked out –  we can only hope…). All of these throwers of the rock averaged about 6.5 TDs per game. So what this chart tells you is that if you get any one of these QBs, you have a stud starter that could take you to the championship.

Second tier:

Grady, Tommy
Hill, Nick
Vena, Ryan
Michna, Russ
Garcia, Aaron
Drafts, Collin
Elliott, Brett
Eakin, Kevin
Philyaw, Raymond

There is some good value here, with each QB tossing about 5 TDs a game. Russ Michna and Ryan Vena have the most upside. Garcia and Philyaw are heroes of the league, but both have been around the block a few too many times to be relied upon for an entire season. Note Nick Hill will be out a few weeks after having appendicitis. The replacement will be Collin Drafts, who himself came in last year after week two when veteran Shane Stafford went down.

Third tier:
Thorson, Mark
Morris, Bernard
Lancaster, Kinsmon
Lee, Xavier
Hymes, Randy

These fellows are basically a crapshoot at the dead end of options. Draft at your own risk.

And don’t forget that your league might give extra points for the sometimes rare QB rushing TD.

The Philosopher of Arena Football


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