Visualizing the Stats – Rushing TDs per Game 2010

Here are the leaders in Rushing TDs in 2010:

OK, so before the lost year when the AFL went to that very dark place Dan Alexander was an absolute freak of nature, racking up rushing TDs at a rate never before seen. And lo and behold, after the lost 2009 season, Dan Alexander picked up right where he left off and should be the first fullback off the board. Other leaders in the rushing TDs per game are QBs such as Ryan Vena, Nick Hill, and Collin Drafts. Many leagues give more points for QB rushing TDs than passing TDs, so raise up Vena, Hill, and Drafts in your rankings accordingly. Of the rushing QBs, I would take Vena. Other solid choices at Fullback after Alexander is gone are tried and true veterans Josh White and Odie Armstrong.


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