DS listing

Some notable DS performances in Week 1


LaRoche Jackson (8 tackles, 1 assist)
Micheaux Robinson (7 tackles, 1 assist)


Vince Hill (10 tackles, 3 assists)

Kansas City:

Ken FontenetteĀ  (11 tackles, an assist, a forced fumble and an INT)


Royce Adams (7 tackles)
Tyrell Herbert (4 tackles, 3 assists)


Antonio Malone (8 tackles)
Tanner Varner (5 tackles, 2 assists)

New Orleans:

Ronald Cola (5 tackles, 1 assist)
Marcus Brown (4 tackles, 4 assists)

Tampa Bay:

Deonte Bolden (5 tackles, 3 assists)
Erick McIntosh (5 tackles, 4 assists)


Dwight McLean (9 tackles, 2 assists)
Melvin Brooks (6 tackles, assist)

San Jose:

Antwan Marsh (4 tackles, 5 assists)
Micah King (5 tackles)


Chris LeFlore (9 tackles, FF)
Joe Goosby (5 tackles, 2 assists)


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