AFL Fantasy QB Rankings for Week 2

  1. Mark Grieb – QB San Jose:  Tons of yardage and TDs through the air in this one.
  2. JJ Raterink – QB Kansas City:  There is a chance this kid’s arm falls off throwing the ball so much to keep up with SaberKitty’s!
  3. Nick Davilla – QB Arizona:  Bad Mustang D equals 330+ yards and at least 5 TDs
  4. Kyle Rowley – QB Spokane:  Don’t let last week fool you.  KRowl has too much talent and a home game against the Glads is what the doctored ordered.  300+ yards and five TDs can be expected.
  5. Justin Allgood – QB Philadelphia:  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Allgood, but the Rush D at home will bring some heat.  280+yards and five TDs sound about right.
  6. Russ Michna – QB Chicago:  If his rookie WRs keep playing like they did in week one, the league better take notice!
  7. Bobby Reid – QB Tulsa:  Reid this high you ask?  His rushing ability makes him a very dangerous weapon offensively.  He has an outside shout of reaching 50-60 yards on the ground to go along with his passing stats.  Now that deserves a capital “A” as in awesome Dickie Vitale!
  8. John Dutton – QB Cleveland:
  9. Aaron Garcia – QB Jacksonville:  I’m not giving up on the AFL Vet just yet.  I expect a Garcia like 300+ yards and four TDs.
  10. Danny Wimprine – QB New Orleans:  Talented WRs should give the Preds fits!
  11. Eric Ward – QB Milwaukee:  Will have to lean on the passing game to stay with the Snakes!
  12. Brett Reid – QB Georgia:  If CJ and Shipp Jr. can step up, I could see 280+ yards and 4 TDs.  That’s a big IF…
  13. Tommy Grady – QB Utah:  Could be the sleeper of the week.  WR Boone is always a weapon.
  14. Bernard Morris – QB Pittsburgh:  Had a tough match up last week with the Soul.  Let’s see if he rebounds in week two.
  15. Dan Raudabaugh – QB Dallas:  He’s got some talented WRs.  He just needs to use them.
  16. Nick Hill – QB Orlando:  Tough road game here.  Expect modest numbers.
  17. Brett Potts – QB Tampa Bay:  I’m convinced this is the week he throws his first TD.
  18. Brad Banks – QB Iowa

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