AFL Guru’s Top 40 WRs for Week Two

1. Trandon Harvey – Arizona WR: Solid yardage with multiple TDs against a bad Mustang secondary
2. Rodney Wright – San Jose WR: Lots of fantasy points in a shootout with KC
3. Donovan Morgan – Philadelphia WR: Would be number one WR this week if it were not for a tough Rush Defense
4. Aaron Boone – Utah WR
5. Bret Smith – Kansas City WR: Will be playing catch up with the ‘Cats
6. Raul Vijil – Spokane WR: Two words… Yardage Monster!!!
7. PJ Berry – New Orleans WR: A ton of yards last week. Should remain hot in week two
8. Trent Sheldon – Tulsa WR
9. Jeron Harvey – Jacksonville WR: Garcia’s favorite target?
10. Troy Bergeron – Cleveland WR: Dutton and TBerg should connect for a couple of TDs
11. Damien Harrell – Milwaukee WR: Solid stats against a Rattler secondary that gives up lots of points
12. Michael Washington – Pittsburgh WR
13. Charles Dillon – Chicago WR: Rook has some serious game!
14. Larry Shipp Jr. – Georgia WR: Ride the Shipp while he’s hot!
15. Steven Savoy – Kansas City WR
16. Antoine Burns – Milwaukee WR
17. Hutch Gonzales – New Orleans WR: 100+ yards and a couple of TDs sounds about right!
18. CJ Johnson – Georgia WR
19. Markee White – Spokane WR
20. Reggie Gray – Chicago WR
21. Jason Geathers – Arizona WR
22. DeAndrew Rubin- Dallas WR
23. Huey Whittaker – Tampa Bay WR: Huey, do us a favor and find the end zone will ya!
24. Nichiren Flowers – San Jose WR: Is this kid the real deal? I need to see another week of four TDs to decide.
25. Hank Edwards – Tampa Bay WR
26. Greg Orton – Spokane WR
27. Nate Force – Arizona WR: I expect some bigger numbers this week from the former ‘Stang…
28. Jomo Wilson – Jacksonville WR
29. Tiger Jones – Dallas WR: Very tame in the first week, but I expect a bigger bite in week two!
30. Aaron Hosack – Kansas City WR
31. Matt Fields – Dallas WR
32. Lonnell Dewalt – Pittsburgh WR
33. Jason Willis – Pittsburgh WR
34. Brent Holmes – Milwaukee WR
35. TT Toliver – Orlando WR
36. Robert Redd – Cleveland WR
37. Todd Blythe – Iowa WR: Could be the WR to have in Iowa this year. Keep a close eye on him in week two.
38. Alvance Robinson – Utah WR
39. Sale Key – Jacksonville WR
40. Michael Lindsey – Tampa Bay WR


One Comment to “AFL Guru’s Top 40 WRs for Week Two”

  1. TRENT SHELTON!!!! Got him with the last pick in R12… somebody was sleeping at the switch…

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