Week 2 Fantasy Arena Football Studs and Duds

Studs and Duds for week 2:

When you are wondering why you lost when you should have won, or won when you should have lost, here are some of the answers:


QB Tommy Grady for the Utah Blaze went 26 of 3 for 306 yards and 7 passing TDs, plus two TDs rumbled in on the ground.

QB JJ Raterink   for the Kansas City  Command was 28 of 45 for 364 and 8 scores beneath the yellow iron.

QB Dan Raudabaugh was 21 of 38 for 297 and another 8 bigtime TDs.

WR Troy Bergeron 4 TDs 134 yards on 8 catches for a monster 4 TDs. What is big news here is this guy didn’t even play in week 1, so if you had the guts to start him my hat is off to you.

WR Maurice Purify of the Georgia Force had 14 catches for 166  yards and 4  dances in the endzone

WR Matt Fields of Dallas was 6 for 123 and 4 TDs.

WR Todd Blythe of the Barnstomers was 9 for 131 4 TDs.

DS Micheaux Robinson of Jacksonville had 7 tackles and 2 INT.

DS Veteran Marquise Floyd of the Rattlers had 8 tackles.


WR Vijil Raul was a fantasy darling in week one. But for reasons only the Arena gods know, he came up with the big zero. Spokane goes on their first two game losing streak in years. Welcome to the Real AFL boys….

QB Justin Allgood of Philadelphia was only 12 for 22 for 165 yards, 2 anemic TDs and 3 INTs.  Allgood should bounce back. Unless Vena is given the start. Where is blue flame-haired Captain Soul and Moxie when you need them?

WR Bobby Sippio. A giant among men. With his magic hands he could pull rabbits out of thin air.  Back in the day, that is.


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