Top 40 WRs for Week 3

1. PJ Berry, WR New Orleans:  Lots of points, lots of yardage, and lots of K/O returns equals week 3’s number one ranked player!
2. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville:  Garcia’s fav against a Spokane secondary giving up a ton of points.
3. Troy Bergeron, WR Cleveland:  Really the only option through the air, and the Storm secondary got shredded last weekend.
4. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona:  He’s baaack!!! Snakes offense just got more potent!
5. TT Toliver, WR Orlando:  Absolute Beast last week!
6. Todd Blythe, WR Iowa:  Is this kid the real deal? I’m a believer. We will find out shortly.
7. Aaron Boone, WR Utah:  As consistent and reliable as they get. 100+ yards and 2 TD at the very minimum.
8. Rodney Wright, WR San Jose:  Tough match up against the Rush D, but you just can’t sit this guy.
9. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona:  Harvey and Windsor should have no problems dominating the Tulsa secondary.
10. Greg Orton, WR Spokane:  Most productive Shock player so far this year and a great match up!
11. Hank Edwards, WR Tampa Bay:  Made some silly catches last week. Solid start for him in week 3
12. Damien Harrell, WR Milwaukee: Slow week last week, but look for a rebound in week 3.
13. Hutch Gonzales, WR New Orleans:  I expect him to bounce back this week.
14. Jomo Wilson, WR Jacksonville
15. Markee White, WR Spokane:  Border line WR1/WR2 numbers for Markee this weekend.
16. Samora Goodson, WR San Jose:  Yet another player who blew up last week! Get him in your lineup.
17. Micah Rucker, WR Chicago:  Stepped up BIG last week for the Rush, but tough to determine if it will continue.
18. Nate Force, WR Arizona:   Keeps on piling up TDs.
19. Charles Dillon, WR Chicago
20. Huey Whittaker, WR Tampa Bay
21. Robert Redd, WR Cleveland
22. Alvance Robinson, WR Utah:   Lots of yardage and a TD or two
23. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago
24. Raul Vigil, WR Spokane:   Tough to gage for week 3 after falling off the planet during week 2.
25. Nichiren Flowers, WR San Jose
26. Michael Lindsey, WR Tampa Bay
27. Trent Shelton, WR Tulsa:   Tough to pick which Tulsa WR will have the big numbers.
28. Robert Quiroga, WR Orlando
29. Antoine Burns, WR Milwaukee
30. Michael Washington, WR Pittsburgh:  Started off hot in week 1, but cooled off in week 2. Serviceable WR3 at this point.
31. Brent Holmes, WR Milwaukee:   Very involved in the offense. Should have some decent stats.
32. Jason Geathers, WR Arizona
33. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa
34. Jason Willis, WR Pittsburgh:   Serviceable WR3 and boarder line WR2 start for week 3
35. Brian Paysinger, WR Tulsa:   Stay away. His QB is hogging all of the offensive TDs on the ground.
36. Irving Campbell, WR Pittsburgh
37. Emery Sammons, WR Spokane
38. Carlese Franklin, WR New Orleans
39. Doug Gabriel, WR Orlando
40. Ernie Pierce, WR Utah


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