AFL Guru’s Top QBs for Week 4

1. Aaron Garcia, QB Jacksonville: Best match up for QBs this week. 300+ yards and seven TDs is a possibility
2. Tommy Grady, QB Utah: Grady should be money in front of the home crowd
3. Mark Grieb, QB San Jose: How will the loss of WR Rodney Wright slow this offense down?
4. Nick Hill, QB Orlando: Lots of weapons to choose from, and should be throwing a lot
5. JJ Raterrink, QB Kansas City: Spokane giving up a lot of points these days
6. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane
7. Brad Banks, QB Iowa: His rushing stats make him a solid every week starter
8. Justin Allgood, QB Philadelphia: Struggled in last game against the Rush, but I expect a full rebound attack against the „Stangs Monday night
9. Russ Michna, QB Chicago: Solid production with the rookie WRs.
10. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona: Tough matchup, but with Harvey/Windsor combo, I still expect 280+ yards and five TDs
11. Kurt Rocco, QB Cleveland: The Rook has some skills… and Troy Bergeron of course.
12. Brett Elliott, QB Georgia
13. Danny Wimprine, QB New Orleans: Disappointing season so far for Wimprine. The weapons are there though.
14. Kevin McCabe, QB Pittsburgh:
15. RJ Archer/Eric Ward, QBs Milwaukee: Can someone tell these guys to throw the ball to the “Human Highlight Reel” please!
16. Grant Gregory/Mike Potts, QBs Tampa Bay: Uhhgg… What a depressing offense
17. Bobby Reid/Matt Bassuener, QBs Tulsa


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