AFL Guru’s Top WRs for Week 4

You should recognize some of these names, but there are some new faces that have shot up the rankings.  On the rise are players like GA WR Maurice Purify, Utah WR Ernie Pierce, and San Jose WR Samora Goodson.  Players on the decline are Spokane WR Rajil Vagil, Mustang WR Damien Harrell, and Voodoo WR Hutch Gonzales.  How are the others being ranked for week four?  Wait no longer!

1. PJ Berry, WR New Orleans: Yardage Monster with multiple TD’s this week.
2. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville: League Leader in TDs through the air. Enough Said.
3. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: The Grady to Boone combo connected six times last week!
4. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia: After a week off, I fully expect D-Morg to hurt somebody!
5. Greg Orton, WR Spokane: Shootout waiting to happen against the Brigade. Expect huge numbers for Orton
6. TT Toliver, WR Orlando:
7. Bret Smith, WR Kansas City: KC’s #1 threat through the air
8. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona:
9. Samora Goodson, WR San Jose: Gets a nudge up now that Wright has left the team.
10. Troy Bergeron, WR Cleveland: Tough matchup, but 100+yards and two TDs are still within reach.
11. Todd Blythe, WR Iowa: Seven TDs the past two weeks, and Iowa will be passing the ball a ton.
12. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona: Temper your expectations here. Orlando’s defense is nasty and Davilla seems to be favoring Harvin a bit through the air.
13. Larry Shipp Jr., WR Georgia
14. Tiger Jones, WR Dallas:
15. Jomo Wilson, WR Jacksonville: Storm secondary is horrendous. Start him with confidence.
16. DeAndrew Rubin, WR Dallas
17. Steven Savoy, WR Kansas City: WR1 stats with a juicy match up against the SaberCats.
18. Bobby Sippio, WR Orlando: Starting to heat up and round into form
19. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa
20. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago
21. CJ Johnson, WR Georgia
22. Huey Whittaker, WR Tampa Bay: Reception machine
23. Carlese Franklin, WR New Orleans: Can he following up his strong week 3 performance?
24. Ernie Pierce, WR Utah: #2 option through the air behind Boone with the high scoring Blaze
25. Nichiren Flowers, WR San Jose
26. Maurice Purify, WR Georgia
27. Antoine Burns, WR Milwaukee: Has he passed Harrell as the go to guy in Milwaukee?
28. Nate Force, WR Arizona:
29. Brad Chavez, WR Kansas City
30. Robert Redd, WR Cleveland
31. Robert Quiroga, WR Orlando: Having a great start to the season.
32. Michael Lindsey, WR Tampa Bay: K/O
33. Alvance Robinson, WR Utah:
34. Raul Vigil, WR Spokane: Will this be the week he bounces back? His owners are waiting patiently!
35. Charles Dillon, WR Chicago
36. Hank Edwards, WR Tampa Bay:
37. Damien Harrell, WR Milwaukee: QB play has been terrible this year, and his stats are showing it!
38. Hutch Gonzales, WR New Orleans:
39. Jason Willis, WR Pittsburgh:
40. TJ Williams Jr., WR Tulsa: Could be the new WR to have in Tulsa, but that’s not saying much.

Good luck to all in week four of the fantasy season!


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