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AFL Guru’s Week 8 QB Rankings

Keep an eye on Pittsburgh’s Anthony Morelli, Philadelphia’s Ryan Vena, and Tulsa’s Matt Bassuener.  They are great bye-week fill-ins and need to be on all rosters at this point due to their rushing ability.

1. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
2. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
3. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
4. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane

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Fantasy Guru’s Top 50 WRs for week 8

With a quick glance, you will see players like Tulsa WR Troy McBroom, Spokane WR Shaun Kauleinamoku, and Jomo Wilson sky rocketing up the charts.  Be sure to have your Arizona, Spokane, Orlando, and Jacksonville players in your lineups and they all have high-scoring games waiting for them.  Good luck to all in week 8!

1. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona
2. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia
3. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa
4. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona
5. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville

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Waiver ideas for Week 7

Mykel Benson (MILW) 6 rushes, 18 yards, 2 TDs — The Mustangs are completely unpredictable but if you need FB help this may be a stopgap measure

Ryan Vena (PHIL) 18/33, 225 yards, 4 TDs, 2 rushing TDs – I’m thrilled that the Soul keep losing.  Vena is producing from a fantasy perspective and should be on a roster.

Grant Gregory (TAMPA) 23/29, 211 yards, 6 TDs — Did you really think the Storm would be THAT bad all season long?  Gregory looks like he’ll produce some nice games…

Syvelle Newton (PHIL) 7 for 105, 2 TDs — someone’s gotta catch them in Philly, since Donovan Morgan doesn’t seem to wanna be consistent.

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AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 6 Rankings

If you don’t have one of these eight QB’s listed within this group, chances are you’re struggling a bit. But QBs like Philadelphia QB Ryan Vena and Tulsa QB Matt Bruenner are starting to have some value and could save you! I like their match ups this weekend a lot!

1. Tommy Grady, QB Utah: Home crowd plus a bad Spokane D plus WR Aaron Boone equals 300+ yards and 6-8 total TDs.
2. Nick Hill, QB Orlando: Should have no problems finding Sippio and TT downfield.

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AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 6 WR Rankings

Back to a full schedule in week 6 after a brutal week 5 where more than HALF the teams in the AFL took the week off. Players on the rise are Sharks WR Sale Key, Spokane WR Emery Sammons, and
Mustang WR Ernest Smith, while on the decline are Brigade WR Steve Savoy, Spokane WR Greg Orton, and Force WR CJ Johnson. Hope everyone survived week 5 and kicks butt in week 6!

1. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: Great match up. Should shred the Spokane D like a knife through butter!
2. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona: High-scoring game equals lots of points for Harv
3. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia: Look for Hurricane Donavan to take out the Storm!
4. P.J. Berry, WR New Orleans: His QB play is really hurting him, but he’s impossible to bench.
5. Troy Bergeron, WR Cleveland

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AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 5 WR Rankings

With eight AFL teams teams off, this will be an all important weekend for owners to field a full starting lineup.  Have no fear though, as there are some players you may not know about this weekend that you can roll the dice on.  Keep an eye on players like Alan Turner, Eric McCown and Burl Towle.  These are players that could provide some value for your week five lineup.    Without further ado, I introduce to everyone the week five rankings!

1. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: Has started off the season with a Blaze! The Cats were hammered by the Iowa passing game last week.

2. Bobby Sippio, WR Orlando: Always good for 100+ yards and a couple of TDs

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Waiver Ideas for Week 5

Lots of teams on bye this week.  Only 8 teams are playing this week: Dallas, Georgia, Utah, San Jose, Philadelphia, Orlando, Iowa, and Kansas City.

In most cases, players on these teams will already have been picked up and won’t offer much bye week coverage.  With that in mind, here’s some ideas for waiver picks this week:

Emery Sammons (SPOKANE) 7 for 79, 2 TDs, rushing TD, 3 tackles, assist — could do some good things from here on it given the unpredictability of the Spokane WRs but he’s on bye this week.

Shaun Kauleinamoku (SPOKANE) 5 for 77 2 TDs — Same here but to a lesser extent

Amarri Jackson (TB) 5 for 84, TD – fair stats but no help during the bye week

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