AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 5 WR Rankings

With eight AFL teams teams off, this will be an all important weekend for owners to field a full starting lineup.  Have no fear though, as there are some players you may not know about this weekend that you can roll the dice on.  Keep an eye on players like Alan Turner, Eric McCown and Burl Towle.  These are players that could provide some value for your week five lineup.    Without further ado, I introduce to everyone the week five rankings!

1. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: Has started off the season with a Blaze! The Cats were hammered by the Iowa passing game last week.

2. Bobby Sippio, WR Orlando: Always good for 100+ yards and a couple of TDs

3. Maurice Purily, WR Georgia: Where has this guy come from? Has been unstoppable the last two weeks.

4. TT Toliver, WR Orlando: I fully expect some silly numbers against an overrated Philly secondary.

5. Jesse Schmidt, Iowa: Iowa passing game looked strong last week!

6. Samora Goodson, WR San Jose: Grieb’s go to guy should have no problems with finding pay dirt

7. Bret Smith, WR Kansas City: I fully expect him to bounce back after a slow game in week 4

8. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia: No TDs last week? Say what! Look for him to struggle a bit against a tough Orlando secondary in the Jungle.

9. Todd Blythe, WR Iowa

10. Robert Quiroga, WR Orlando: He catches passes, tackles on defense, and scores TDs

11. Tiger Jones, WR Dallas: Favorable match up against the Force. Good buy low in fantasy leagues.

12. Steven Savoy, WR Kansas City: Double S should be in all lineups this week.

13. Nichiren Flowers, WR San Jose

14. Brad Chavez, WR Kansas City

15. Larry Shipp Jr., WR Georgia

16. CJ Johnson, WR Georgia

17. DeAndrew Rubin, WR Dallas

18. Matt Fields, WR Dallas

19. Alvance Robinson, WR Utah

20. Larry Brackins, WR Philadelphia: It’s about time the Soul realizes this guy’s on the team. I expect him to continue to produce

21. Ernie Pierce, WR Utah: Little value with Aaron Boone hogging all the TDs, but he’s serviceable this weekend.

22. Burl Toler, WR San Jose: Could be a solid play this week if you need help at WR this weekend.

23. Eric McCown, Iowa: Player to keep an eye one, and a possible WR3 for this week.

24. Alan Turner, WR Philadelphia

25. Bobby Gullory, WR San Jose

Good luck to everyone in week five!


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