AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 6 Rankings

If you don’t have one of these eight QB’s listed within this group, chances are you’re struggling a bit. But QBs like Philadelphia QB Ryan Vena and Tulsa QB Matt Bruenner are starting to have some value and could save you! I like their match ups this weekend a lot!

1. Tommy Grady, QB Utah: Home crowd plus a bad Spokane D plus WR Aaron Boone equals 300+ yards and 6-8 total TDs.
2. Nick Hill, QB Orlando: Should have no problems finding Sippio and TT downfield.
3. Mark Grieb, QB San Jose: This game has blowout written all over it. 300+ yards and 6 TDs at minimum.
4. Kurt Rocco, QB Cleveland: Not enough magic in the Voodoo to slow the Rocco and Bergeron connection!
5. Russ Michna, QB Chicago: Barnstormers D is bad, which means Russ should have his way with the secondary.
6. Nick Davila, QB Arizona: Potential shootout and Nick has the weapons to put some silly numbers
7. Kyle Rowling, QB Spokane:
8. Aaron Garcia, QB Jacksonville
9. JJ Raterink, QB Kansas City
10. Ryan Vena, QB Philadelphia: Needs to be on all rosters. He could have just taken the starting gig in Philly away from Allgood.
11. Brad Banks, QB Iowa: Tough match up against the Preds
12. Brett Elliott, QB Georgia
13. Matt Bassuener, QB Tulsa: If he starts, he could have some nice value due to his rushing ability
14. Dan Raudabaugh, QB Dallas
15. Anthony Morrelli/Kevin McCabe, QB Pittsburgh
16. Grant Gregory, QB Tampa Bay
17. Danny Wimprine/Derek Cassidy, QB New Orleans


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