Waiver ideas for Week 7

Mykel Benson (MILW) 6 rushes, 18 yards, 2 TDs — The Mustangs are completely unpredictable but if you need FB help this may be a stopgap measure

Ryan Vena (PHIL) 18/33, 225 yards, 4 TDs, 2 rushing TDs – I’m thrilled that the Soul keep losing.  Vena is producing from a fantasy perspective and should be on a roster.

Grant Gregory (TAMPA) 23/29, 211 yards, 6 TDs — Did you really think the Storm would be THAT bad all season long?  Gregory looks like he’ll produce some nice games…

Syvelle Newton (PHIL) 7 for 105, 2 TDs — someone’s gotta catch them in Philly, since Donovan Morgan doesn’t seem to wanna be consistent.

Tanner Varner (PHIL) 9 tackles, 1 assist, INT, return TD – Varner is the top scoring DB.  Is he on a roster?

Shaun Kauleinamoku (SPOK) 9 for 57, 3 TDs – Raul Vijil’s knee just doesn’t seem 100% healed from last year.  Shaun Sillyname is picking up some of the slack…

Josh Ferguson (SPOK) 7 tackles, assist – DBs are a dime a dozen but if you’re not getting 12-16 pts per week from yours it’s best to chase rainbows

LeBrose Hedgemon (UTAH) 8 tackles, 4 assists – All AFL Sillyname Team player Hedgemon is good for points

Russell Monk (CLE) 4 rushes, 8 yards, 3 TDs – those are Monk’s first stats since Week 3.  Take a watch and see approach.

Alvin Jackson (NO) 9 tackles, assist – Probably already on someone’s team but he does wear the VooDoo Purple and the VooDoo won a game this week, so Jackson gets a mention.

James Jordan (NO) 1 for 8 yards, TD – Why didn’t the VooDoo use Jordan this week?  The veteran is coming off of two 100 catch seasons (‘o8 and ’10) and will probably be worked more into the lineup next week.  A project, at this point.

Anthony Morelli (PITT) 20/36, 290 yards, 5 TDs, 28 rushing yards – The new QB in Pittsburgh is showing promise, but will they let him remain the starter?  Give it one more week…

Royce Adams (PITT) 10 tackles, 3 assists – Ten tackles in his first action since Week 1.  Make sure he’s healthy before starting him.

Robert Durham (GEO) 11 tackles – Durham had 31 tackles last year and 27 this year before getting 11 this week.  Sketchy but possible…

Marquis Floyd (AZ) 10 tackles, assist – one of the nicest guys in the league.  How come he’s not on a roster?

Troy McBroom (TULS) 13 for 177, 2 TDs – If you like spending leisure time relaxing in a rotating dryer, go right ahead and pick up some Tulsa players.  Make sure you have a strong stomach…

Matt Bassuener (TULS) 22/43, 265 yards 4 TDs, 2 INTs – Same goes here.  Can’t see Bassy holding onto this job for the remainder of the season…


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