AFL Guru’s Week 8 QB Rankings

Keep an eye on Pittsburgh’s Anthony Morelli, Philadelphia’s Ryan Vena, and Tulsa’s Matt Bassuener.  They are great bye-week fill-ins and need to be on all rosters at this point due to their rushing ability.

1. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
2. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
3. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
4. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane
5. JJ Raterink, QB Kansas City
6. Russ Michna, QB Chicago
7. Aaron Garcia, QB Jacksonville
8. Anthony Morelli, QB Pittsburgh
9. Ryan Vena, QB Philadelphia
10. Kurt Rocco, QB Cleveland
11. Matt Bassuener, QB Tulsa
12. Brett Elliott, QB Georgia
13. Dan Raudabaugh, QB Dallas
14. RJ Archer, QB Milwaukee
15. Danny Wimprine, QB New Orleans
16. Grant Gregory, QB Tampa Bay


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