Waiver pickups for Week 14

We’re heading into the stretch run.  This is where the savvy owner makes the last minute pickup to either solidify their playoff push or take advantage of bye week matchups heading into the playoffs.  Some interesting names have emerged:

Derek Lee (CHI) – Chicago has been looking for a second receiver to take the pressure off of Reggie Gray.  They may have landed a better one in Baby Moss, who finally played and finished with 8 catches for 98 yards and 2 TDs.  Grab him if you have a high waiver pick…

Tod Devoe (KC) – 8 for 103 yds, TD — Devoe is now the hot receiver in the Brigade offense (Steve Savoy, Aaron Hosack, Bret Smith and Brad Chavez have all had their turns).  Pick him up and play him next week.  Just don’t be surprised when he falls off the face of the earth.

Mykel Benson (MILW) – Have people been sleeping in your league on FBs?  Benson has scored 26, 26, 10 and 24 fantasy points in the last four weeks and seems to be the focus of Milwaukee’s anemic offense.  Grab him if you’re stuck with a slumping runner (aka, anyone except Derrick Ross or Chad Cook) and take a chance.

Larry Brackins (PHIL) – 2 for 10 yds, TD — Get Brackins now before he blows up!!!!  Nah, I’m just kidding.  I hate Brackins as a player.  He’s a chronic underachiever and should be avoided except by my immediate opponents…

Skylar Green (NO) – 8 for 132 yds and 4 TDs — So Skylar Green made quite an impact in his first ever AFL game, didn’t he?  The former SEC Special Teams Player of the Year could be one of those players who propel you into the playoffs.  Someone’s gotta score in New Orleans, right?

Thyron Lewis (CLE) – 9 for 104 yds, 2 TDs — Seems like Thyron has stepped into the shoes left behind by Troy Bergeron, who has mysteriously disappeared from the Glad lineup.  His second straight 100 yd, multi-TD game make Lewis a must have.

Dominick Goodman (CLE) – 12 for 97 yds — I’m not in love with the Cleveland offense but Goodman now has back-to-back games with double digit catches.  He could be worth a roster spot if he learns how to score.

Hank Edwards (TB) – 6 for 142 yds, 2 TDs – Edwards is back from IR and needs to be picked up immediately.

Marquis Hamilton (IOWA) – 7 for 69 yds, 2 TDs – Someone has to step up for the loss of Todd Blythe.  Hamilton, a big strong local kid, seems the likely candidate.

Scott Schoettgen (SJ) – 7 for 86 yds, 3 TDs — too many dicks on the dance floor for the Sabercats these days.  Where have all the good times gone?



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