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AFL Guru’s Week 9 QB Rankings

1. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
2. Tommy Grady, QB Utah
3. JJ Raterink, QB Kansas City
4. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
5. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane
6. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
7. Mark Grieb, QB San Jose
8. Russ Michna, QB Chicago

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AFL Guru’s Week 8 QB Rankings

Keep an eye on Pittsburgh’s Anthony Morelli, Philadelphia’s Ryan Vena, and Tulsa’s Matt Bassuener.  They are great bye-week fill-ins and need to be on all rosters at this point due to their rushing ability.

1. Nick Hill, QB Orlando
2. Brad Banks, QB Iowa
3. Nick Davilla, QB Arizona
4. Kyle Rowley, QB Spokane

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AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 6 Rankings

If you don’t have one of these eight QB’s listed within this group, chances are you’re struggling a bit. But QBs like Philadelphia QB Ryan Vena and Tulsa QB Matt Bruenner are starting to have some value and could save you! I like their match ups this weekend a lot!

1. Tommy Grady, QB Utah: Home crowd plus a bad Spokane D plus WR Aaron Boone equals 300+ yards and 6-8 total TDs.
2. Nick Hill, QB Orlando: Should have no problems finding Sippio and TT downfield.

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AFL Guru’s Top QBs for Week 4

1. Aaron Garcia, QB Jacksonville: Best match up for QBs this week. 300+ yards and seven TDs is a possibility
2. Tommy Grady, QB Utah: Grady should be money in front of the home crowd
3. Mark Grieb, QB San Jose: How will the loss of WR Rodney Wright slow this offense down?
4. Nick Hill, QB Orlando: Lots of weapons to choose from, and should be throwing a lot
5. JJ Raterrink, QB Kansas City: Spokane giving up a lot of points these days

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AFL Fantasy QB Rankings for Week 2

  1. Mark Grieb – QB San Jose:  Tons of yardage and TDs through the air in this one.
  2. JJ Raterink – QB Kansas City:  There is a chance this kid’s arm falls off throwing the ball so much to keep up with SaberKitty’s!
  3. Nick Davilla – QB Arizona:  Bad Mustang D equals 330+ yards and at least 5 TDs
  4. Kyle Rowley – QB Spokane:  Don’t let last week fool you.  KRowl has too much talent and a home game against the Glads is what the doctored ordered.  300+ yards and five TDs can be expected.
  5. Justin Allgood – QB Philadelphia:  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Allgood, but the Rush D at home will bring some heat.  280+yards and five TDs sound about right.
  6. Russ Michna – QB Chicago:  If his rookie WRs keep playing like they did in week one, the league better take notice!
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QB Rankings – Week 1

Here are the preliminary QB rankings for the almost complete week 1. Ranking are based not only on week 1 performance, but also take into consideration 2010 stats, quality of surrounding players, potential upside, and gut instinct.

Justin Allgood 5 TDs in Week 1
Nick Davilla 6 TDs, 1 Rushing TD week 1
Mark Grieb Back in the league picking up right where he left
off. A Wide Receiving corps led by veteran Rodney Wright and some young
talent means many TDs this season.

Visualizing the Stats – Preseason QBs

A table of stats is just a jumble of little black marks strewn upon the cracks in a jailhouse floor until the conductor arrives to make them to sing. The QB chart of last year’s top twenty QBs helps eliminate the clutter. From the chart you can see that QBs fit roughly into three tiers that you would be well to remember on draft day. Despite the great difference in team performance, the following QBs are all basically top tier:

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