Waiver Ideas for Week 10

It’s slim pickings as the season progresses.  Did you move on some of the suggestions in the past few weeks?  If you didn’t, you may have already missed out on some of the guys on this list…

Amari Jackson (TAM) – 10 for 146, 2 TDs — With Hank Edwards on injured reserve, Jackson will get his chance to shine.  Took full advantage last week.  Kansas City won’t be able to stop him.

Otis Amey (SJ) – Did you miss out?  Amey led the Sabercats with 6 catches for 109 yards and 2 TDs.  Wait until he gets into shape.

Ben Nelson (SJ) – Nelson came back too and chipped in 6 catches for 82 yards and 2 TDs.  Wait until HE gets into shape.

James Roe (SJ) – In what may be the biggest news of all, All-World Arena Team Legend James Roe re-signed with the Sabercats.   I can’t see any defense stopping that trio.

Jason Geathers (AZ) – Geathers has been inconsistent but went for 7 catches for 69 yards and 2 TDs.  I’d wait and see on Geathers, but if you need help you might take a chance.

James Jordan (NO) – Didn’t we tell you to pick up Jordan?  Even though he’s not the fleetest of foot he still scored from 45 yards out last week.   8 for 123 and 2 TDs makes him highly roster-worthy.

Matt Basseneur (TULS) – Dude ran for 4 scores last week on top of throwing for three.  Throw in 33 rushing yards and 234 passing yards and you’ve got a 51 pt fantasy day!  Should be more boom than bust against the VooDoo this week.

Bernard Morris (PITTS) – Do you trust the Power to start Morris again this week?  If you got ice water in your veins, you just might reap huge benefits.  Morris threw for 5, ran for 2, added 66 yards on the ground, and looked very confident in the second half against Spokane.  He’s gonna have to put up points against the Sabercats.


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