AFL Fantasy Guru’s Week 11 WR Rankings

1. Aaron Boone, WR Utah: The legend in Utah is only growing bigger and bigger. 130+ yards and 4 TDs and some good home cooking can be expected.
2. P.J. Berry, WR New Orleans
3. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona: No Voodoo magic will keep this guy‟s production down this week
4. Maurice Purify, WR Georgia: Should have no problems poking the Sharks in the eyes and having a most productive day!
5. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago: Chicago‟s lone star through the air. 130+ yards and 3 TDs. Book it!
6. Jomo Wilson, WR Jacksonville: You poke a Shark in the eye, you get swallowed WHOLE…
7. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia: 135 yards and 4 TDs with Vena as QB last week. Could be time for Beast Mode to be unleashed!
8. Troy McBroom, WR Tulsa: I expect big things this week from the player known as “T-Mac”
9. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville
10. Ben Nelson, WR San Jose: Slow game last week in his second game back, but with Roe suspended from the team, he should see some more looks!
11. Greg Orton, WR Spokane
12. Huey Whittaker, WR Tampa Bay: Offense should be starting to come around with the “Z-Man” in as QB
13. DeAndrew Rubin, WR Dallas: On quite a roll the last three weeks. I don‟t see it stopping this week!
14. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona: Windsor stealing the show in „Zona
15. Amari Jackson, WR Tampa Bay: Wowser! 14 catches, 187 yards and 4 TDs last week! Start him while he‟s hot!
16. C.J. Johnson, WR Georgia: Muy enfuego at this point!
17. Tiger Jones, WR Dallas
18. Troy Bergeron, WR Cleveland
19. Dominick Goodman, WR Cleveland: Decent WR3 this week with other teams off on a bye
20. Larry Shipp Jr., WR Georgia
21. Matt Fields, WR Dallas
22. Robert Gill, WR Kansas City: 159 yards and a TD last week! With Steve Savoy on IR, and Brad Chavez apparently on defense only, Gill could turn into KC‟s number two or MAYBE even number one option in the passing game.
23. Brad Smith, WR Kansas City
24. Alvance Robinson, WR Utah
25. Aaron Hosack, WR Kansas City
26. Robert Redd, WR Cleveland
27. Emery Sammons, WR Spokane: Shock love giving this guy the ball
28. Raul Vijil, WR Spokane
29. Jason Geathers, WR Arizona
30. Sale Key, WR Jacksonville: Serviceable WR3 this week
31. Rodney Wright, WR San Jose: Expected to play a big role now that WR James Roe has been suspended. Jump on him IMMEDIATELY if he‟s on your waiver wire.
32. Brandon Copeland, WR Tulsa
33. James Jordan, WR New Orleans
34. Keith Stokes, WR Philadelphia: As quickly as he shot up the ranks, he has quickly now fallen down the ranks
35. Aaron LeSue, WR Utah: Always good for a couple of TDs within the Utah passing game.
36. Syvelle Newton, WR Philadelphia:
37. Burl Toler, WR San Jose
38. Michael Lindsey, WR Tampa Bay
39. Charles Dillon, WR Chicago
40. Marco Thomas, WR Chicago
41. Trent Shelton, WR Tulsa
42. JJ McKelvey, WR Chicago
43. Nate Force, WR Arizona


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