QB Rankings – Week 1

Here are the preliminary QB rankings for the almost complete week 1. Ranking are based not only on week 1 performance, but also take into consideration 2010 stats, quality of surrounding players, potential upside, and gut instinct.

Justin Allgood 5 TDs in Week 1
Nick Davilla 6 TDs, 1 Rushing TD week 1
Mark Grieb Back in the league picking up right where he left
off. A Wide Receiving corps led by veteran Rodney Wright and some young
talent means many TDs this season.
John Dutton Yet to Play
Rowley, Kyle 5 TDs Week 1, 1 rushing TD
JJ. Raterink 7 TDs week 1
Bernard Morris 5 TDs but three INTs in week one. Not much of a
factor last season. We shall see about 2011
Nick Hill Out with Appendicitis
Russ Michna Plays Monday night
Eric Ward 5 passing TDs, 1 Rushing TD. Rookie QB looks pretty good throwing to legend Damien “Highlight Reel” Harrell. And has some nice mobility with Fullback Boone blocking for him.
Aaron Garcia 5 TDs but 2 INT. Should be decent as a fantasy
Collin Drafts Yet to play
Dan Raudabaugh 2 TDs Week 1
Danny Wimprine 3 TDs week 1
Mike Potts No TDs, but did start
Ryan Vena Just a backup at this point, but a good backup.

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