AFL Fantasy Guru’s Top 50 WRs for Week 9

It’s time for the Week 9 Edition of WR Rankings.  In thi edition, pay attention to the players like San Jose WR Chido Nwakocha, Philadelphia WR Keith Stokes, and Orlando WR Josh Bush who are all skyrocketing up the charts, while players like Philadelphia WR Donovan Morgan, Kansas City Steve Savoy, and GA WR Larry Shipp Jr. are causing owners some serious heartburn!  On with the Week 9 Rankings:

1. Rod Windsor, WR Arizona: Receiving and Yardage monster. And the TDs are nice too!
2. PJ Berry, WR New Orleans: Juicy Matchup for PJ and the Voodoo
3. Bobby Sippio, WR Orlando
4. Jeron Harvey, WR Jacksonville: Soul will have a hard time containing JHarv
5. Aaron Boone, WR Utah:
6. Maurice Purify, WR Georgia: Don’t get more consistent than Purify. Start him with the intentions of 125+ yards and 3+ TDs.
7. Reggie Gray, WR Chicago: Has Rookie of the Year honors wrapped up already
8. Jesse Schmidt, WR Iowa: Option 1A in the Iowa offense
9. Todd Blythe, WR Iowa: Option 1B in the Iowa offense
10. Trandon Harvey, WR Arizona
11. Greg Orton, WR Spokane
12. Troy McBroom, WR Tulsa: Is officially an every week starter!
13. Keith Stokes, WR Philadelphia: That’s right, ranked above Donovan Morgan. Don’t walk, run to your waiver wire to get this guy! Vena is looking to him quite a bit.
14. Chido Nwokocha, WR San Jose: Another player to snag off the waiver wire. With both Flowers and Goodsen on IR, Chido could be fantasy gold for owners!
15. Troy Bergeron, WR Cleveland: I
16. Donovan Morgan, WR Philadelphia
17. Tiger Jones, WR Dallas:
18. Robert Redd, WR Cleveland:
19. CJ Johnson, WR Georgia: Best game of the year last week, but make no Purify is the man in GA for the moment
20. Burl Toler, WR San Jose: Another San Jose player to keep an eye on. His role should increase with the loss of Goodson and Flowers
21. Huey Whittaker, WR Tampa Bay: With Edwards hurt, could see an uptick in production
22. Josh Bush, WR Orlando: Solid numbers subbing in for the injured TT Toliver
23. Alvance Robinson, WR Utah: WOW, did not see A-Rob blowing up like he did last week?
24. Steve Savoy, WR Kansas City
25. Jomo Wilson, WR Jacksonville
26. Syvelle Newton, WR Philadelphia
27. Larry Ship, WR Georgia
28. Sale Key, WR Jacksonville
29. Amarri Jackson, WR Tampa Bay: Could see some production if Edwards is out
30. Robert Quiroga, WR Orlando
31. Aaron Hosak, WR Kansas City
32. Jason Willis, WR Pittsburgh
33. Charles Dillon, WR Chicago
34. Bret Smith, WR Kansas City
35. Matt Fields, WR Dallas
36. DeAndrew Rubin, WR Dallas
37. Aaron LaSue, WR Utah
38. Dominick Goodman, WR Cleveland: Excellent sleeper pick this week, and could be used as a WR3
39. Brent Holmes, WR Milwaukee
40. Ernest Smith, WR Milwaukee
41. Hank Edwards, WR Tampa Bay: Watch him on the injury report
42. Damien Harrell, WR Milwaukee
43. Emery Sammons, WR Spokane
44. Raul Vijil, WR Spokane: The TDs are there, but what about the catches and yards?

45. Shaun Kauleinamoku, WR Spokane
46. Lonnel DeWalt, WR Pittsburgh
47. James Jordan, WR New Orleans
48. Brandon Copeland, WR Tulsa
49. Errick McCown, WR Iowa
50. Jason Geathers, WR Arizona

Good Luck to everyone in week 9!


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