Visualizing the Stats – Receiving TDs

So in looking over the 2010 Receiver TD stats we see a much more uniform field of production when compared to QBs. Thus, you should try harder to get a top tier QB than you would a receiver. However, if you don’t get a top QB, you should balance your team with at least one of the following top tier receivers:

Ben Nelson
Raul Vijil
Donovan Morgan

Of these, I would take Nelson as he is a solid veteran. Morgan is up and coming. Vijil is great, but still has to prove he can maintain his production from season to season.

Second Tier:

Rod Windsor
Aaron Boone
Anthony Jones
JJ McKelvey
PJ Berry
Huey Whittaker
Nate Forse

In the second tier I really like Aaron “Air Boone Express” Boone. This former Brigade standout is a longtime fan favorite who always get’s the job done. JJ McKelvey also has huge upside.

Of the remaining wides, I really like CJ Johnson for his versatility, but check his injury status and which team he signs with as both could significantly effect his production.

As always, comments welcome:


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