Waiver Ideas for Week 5

Lots of teams on bye this week.  Only 8 teams are playing this week: Dallas, Georgia, Utah, San Jose, Philadelphia, Orlando, Iowa, and Kansas City.

In most cases, players on these teams will already have been picked up and won’t offer much bye week coverage.  With that in mind, here’s some ideas for waiver picks this week:

Emery Sammons (SPOKANE) 7 for 79, 2 TDs, rushing TD, 3 tackles, assist — could do some good things from here on it given the unpredictability of the Spokane WRs but he’s on bye this week.

Shaun Kauleinamoku (SPOKANE) 5 for 77 2 TDs — Same here but to a lesser extent

Amarri Jackson (TB) 5 for 84, TD – fair stats but no help during the bye week

Bobby Guillory (SJ) 8 for 67 – looks like he stepped into the WR3 slot with the Sabercats AND he’s active this week.  Pick him up and plug him in.

Errick McCown (IOWA) 7 for 112, TD – here’s another guy who could be a decent bye week fill-in.

Robert Redd (CLEVE) 6 for 105, TD – Probably already picked in your league but if he’s available snag him

Matt Bassuener (TULSA) 22/36 199 yards, 3 TDs, 53 rushing, TD – can we really recommend the guy who replaced Bobby Reid?  Looks like more of the same (aka, inconsistency) from the Talons.

Troy McBroom (TULSA) 7 for 81, 2 TDs – I’d take a wait-and-see-approach.

RJ Archer (MILW) 26/41 297 yards, 3 TDs, 2 rushing TDs – has a better offense to work with than Bassuener but will he remain the starter?  Worth a chance.

Ernest Smith (MILW) 11 for 142, 2 TDs – won’t help you this week but even half these stats are good enough to earn a WR3 slot.

Larry Brackins (PHIL) 7 for 126, 2 TDs – The 9-foot man finally has a decent game.  Can you trust him or the Philly Offense?  I don’t…



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